Meeting Dates 2017

All meetings to be held at Ley Hill Memorial Hall in the Rear Committee Room (unless specified otherwise)
Start time 7.15pm
Thu 12th January

Thu 2nd March

Thur 27th April

Annual Parish Meeting, 19:30, Ley Hill Methodist Chapel

Tue 2nd May
Annual Council Meeting, 18:45

Wed 14th June
19.15 St George’s Church, Tylers Hill

Thu 27th July
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Tue 12th September
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Wed 25th October

Wed 29th November

Hoax Email

[Reference: GA-03/025]

Important message from DHL about a known spam message and virus

Please be aware of a computer virus currently circulating through unsolicited emails claiming to be from DHL. These emails ask the recipient to open an attachment in connection with delivery of a parcel. Please be aware that it is not from a DHL company and the content is false.

If you have received this email, do not open the attachment as it contains a virus which may harm your computer.

Whist it is not standard policy to circulate information about spam or hoax emails via Ringmaster the information below provides some good advice about actions you can take to protect yourself.

? Never open an email that you do not recognise, just delete it
? Never click on a link within an email unless it is from someone you know and trust
? You are advised to ensure that you have an active personal firewall and up-to-date antivirus software running on your system at all times. This will help detect and remove these types of threats.

For further advice and assistance, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Useful information on all aspects of data security and how to protect yourself can be found at

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If you have any information in relation to this message, please contact Thames Valley Police on 08458 505 505

To find out more about Thames Valley Police in your area – please go to our website at

If you have information about crime but do not want to speak to the police, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

This email has been sent with your approval as part of the Thames Valley Police Community Messaging scheme.