Meeting Dates 2017

All meetings to be held at Ley Hill Memorial Hall in the Rear Committee Room (unless specified otherwise)
Start time 7.15pm
Thu 12th January

Thu 2nd March

Thur 27th April

Annual Parish Meeting, 19:30, Ley Hill Methodist Chapel

Tue 2nd May
Annual Council Meeting, 18:45

Wed 14th June
19.15 St George’s Church, Tylers Hill

Thu 27th July
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Tue 12th September
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Wed 25th October

Wed 29th November


To all Parishioners
Your Parish Council is debating whether to change its name to Latimer and Ley Hill Parish Council.

It has been just “Latimer” since its foundation in the 1890’s, when most of the lands and properties involved belonged to the Chesham family, based at Latimer House, and when Ley Hill was no bigger than Latimer.  However, Ley Hill expanded through the 20th century, and the electoral roll of Ley Hill Ward is now nearly twice that of Latimer Ward.

Latimer and Ley Hill Parish Council has become common parlance in some quarters of Ley Hill, and the change of name would give it an official status.

The purpose of this notice is to seek your views on the matter.  Should you have any comment or even strong support for the idea, please write to the Latimer Parish Clerk at the postal address of 9 Holly Tree Close, Ley Hill, Chesham HP5 3QT, or email address, by mid October.

Provided that we have public support, Latimer Parish Council will then consider submitting a formal request to Chiltern District Council (CDC) setting out the reasons for the change.  It will be a matter for the CDC Full Council to agree, and of course it is by no means a foregone conclusion.

If CDC decide to change the name of the Parish, the legislation requires them to publicise this, and then they have to notify the Secretary of State, Ordnance Survey, and the Registrar General.

Should you have any questions, please direct these to the Latimer Parish Clerk, or your local Parish Councillor, or myself

Yours sincerely,

Keith Platt    Chairman, Latimer Parish Council