Meeting Dates 2017

All meetings to be held at Ley Hill Memorial Hall in the Rear Committee Room (unless specified otherwise)
Start time 7.15pm
Thu 12th January

Thu 2nd March

Thur 27th April

Annual Parish Meeting, 19:30, Ley Hill Methodist Chapel

Tue 2nd May
Annual Council Meeting, 18:45

Wed 14th June
19.15 St George’s Church, Tylers Hill

Thu 27th July
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Tue 12th September
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Wed 25th October

Wed 29th November

Minutes – 10/01/11


 Minutes of a meeting of Latimer Parish Council held on Monday 10th January 2011 at Ley Hill Memorial Hall at 7.15pm.

 Present  K Platt (Chairman)(KP), B Perrott (Vice Chairman)(BP), N Lamond (NL), C Lee (CL), J Phillips (JP), R Sanders (RS), L Sunderland (LS), J Hill (JH), Cll N Brown (NB), Cll A Garth (AG), R Walter (Clerk)(RW).

 1. Apologies for absence None

 2. Public Quarter Hour No questions

 3. Declarations of change of interest None

 4. Minutes of the previous meeting Agreed and signed by Chairman.

AG arrived.

 5. Matters Arising

5.1  LPC Website Meeting between RS, Clerk and Sally Kendall on 27.1.11 

5.2  Posts outside Shenley Cottage/Greencroft/Terra Firma/Rowan Tree JP has discussed white posts with D Stowe. DS to also investigate Greencroft. JP to inform him.

6. Comments of District and County Councillors

6.1 Localism Bill NB arrived 8pm. Recommended Clerk reads statement regarding ‘Declaration of Interests’ at start of each meeting. Regarding Bill, parish councils will be invited to take responsibility for various activities presently carried out by BCC/CDC. However, LPC unlikely to have resources to undertake these.

6.2 Road naming Cholesbury PC has sorted this. AG to investigate and clarify

6.3 BCC Overview & Scrutiny Committee One method LPC can use as a ‘get your say’ in addition to a petition. NB suggested this was a second resort rather than a first resort method.

7. Finance & Official Business

7.1 Standing orders TBC 21 Feb meeting

7.2 Financial regulations This has also been forwarded to BALC for their advice.      Chairman to amend in the light of their comments and present at next meeting.

7.3 Parish Emergency/Community Resilience Plan Chairman to email members

7.4 Budget Statement of Accounts Apr-Dec 2010 A vote of thanks was given to Ian Walter for his work in preparing this and the 2011/12 budget. Clerk tabled document.

7.5 Budget 2011/12 Chairman and Clerk met 4.1.11 to prepare this. KP explained how various items were determined.

7.6 Precept Proposal 2011/12 Chairman suggested £8500.00. Proposed by RS, seconded by NL. NL requested that the dressing of the Ley Hill Christmas tree be undertaken by Lamps & Tubes from 2011. Proposed by JP, seconded by BP. TBD at next meeting when Lamps & Tubes are present.

7.7 Current bank balances (at 30.11.10) Current a/c £8564.06; Deposit a/c £6993.00

 7.8 Payments/Receipts D/D Eon (Nov & Dec) 62.66+3.13 VAT=£65.79; T Gillott (Oct-Dec 10) maintenance of burial ground £325.00 + cut back overhanging tree £80.00; J Hill (Oct-Dec 10) administration of burial ground £175.00; R Walter (Oct-Dec 10) clerk’s fee £350.00; Chiltern CAB donation to funds £150.00. No receipts. It was proposed by NL, seconded by BP, that Chiltern CAB be given a donation of £150.00.

7.9 Maintenance Schedule of Parish Facilities All Councillors to provide KP with details for an Asset Register. KP to prepare register, then Clerk to ensure insurance policy is up to date.

8. Highways/Footpaths

8.1 Winter Maintenance/Gritting Routes Received today. All agreed much better than 2010. NB reported that more funding is available for potholes this winter.

8.2 Latimer Crossroads KP proposed contacting Chenies PC for a joint approach to BCC, to avoid another bland reply from Pat Francis on behalf of Val Letheren.

9. Planning

9.1 Ley Hill Memorial Hall NL declared an interest in this application and therefore withdrew from discussion. Noted. Clerk to write in support.

10. Burial Ground Chairman briefed all on background to Channer plot and activity thereon. Consensus of meeting was that a memorial cannot be permitted to someone who is not present there. When/if Mr Tillman contacts JH, RS and NL to accompany her to meeting. The Parish Council has to sanction all memorials placed within the burial ground. A deed for Mrs A M McManus was signed and an additional inscription for Christopher Murrell approved.

11. Reports

            11.1 NAG & LAF Next NAG is 18.1.11 and next LAF 2.2.11.

12. AOB

12.1 Road closures None planned.

12.2 Royal British Legion Noted

12.3 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 4.6.12 NL hoped that LPC will support events planned. The concrete drop from the entrance to the parking area outside the Memorial Hall can damage cars. AG to take up with DS.

12.4 Salt bin in Broomstick Lane Site visit may be necessary. Salt bin has been placed unannounced by Parkfield, despite being on delegated budget for 2011/12 but nothing yet in Kiln Lane or Letchfield.

12.5 Pot hole in Jasons Hill LS to email Highways

13. Date of next meeting Monday 21 February at 7.15pm at Ley Hill Memorial Hall with a short presentation to LPC by Lamps & Tubes starting at 6.45pm

   The meeting closed at 10.07pm