Meeting Dates 2017

All meetings to be held at Ley Hill Memorial Hall in the Rear Committee Room (unless specified otherwise)
Start time 7.15pm
Thu 12th January

Thu 2nd March

Thur 27th April

Annual Parish Meeting, 19:30, Ley Hill Methodist Chapel

Tue 2nd May
Annual Council Meeting, 18:45

Wed 14th June
19.15 St George’s Church, Tylers Hill

Thu 27th July
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Tue 12th September
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Wed 25th October

Wed 29th November

Minutes – 21/10/12


Minutes of a meeting of Latimer Parish Council held on Monday 1st October 2012 at Latimer Parish Hall at 7.15pm

Present:  K Platt (Chairman) (KP), B Perrott (Vice-Chairman) (BP), J Phillips (Vice-Chairman) (JP), R Sanders (RS), L Sunderland (LS), R Walter (Clerk)(RW). CCllr N Brown (NB) attended part of this meeting.

1.  Apologies for absence:  C Lee (CL), Cllr A Garth (AG)

2.  Public Quarter Hour:  No questions

3.  Any Change of Interests: None

4.  Minutes of 27th July meeting: Agreed and signed.

5. Matters Arising: Chairman added two further items to the agenda: Localism Steering Group report from JP and insurance policy asset register. Dates for two meetings early in 2013 agreed for 23 Jan and 18 March, both at Ley Hill.** On 29 Sep N Lamond, R Sanders & A Phillips repainted the Beacon. Clerk to send thank you letters to all concerned.

6.  Finance and Official Business:

6.1  Current/Deposit balances: Current £4184.99(16 812); Deposit £7000.08

6.2  Payments/Receipts:


DD Eon (July,Aug 12)                               67.06 x 2

SO 11 Dec IT Services (July,Aug,Sep)    30.00 x 3

Lamps & Tubes (annual maintenance)     1347.24

Mazars LLP                                                162.00

Orbit Press                                                 147.00 + 29.40

St George’s Church DCC                          30.00

Ladywell Accountancy Services               35.00

Mrs J Hill (July-Sep)                                  175.00

Terry Gillott (July-Seo)                              375.00

Mrs R Walter (Apr-Sep)                             560.00

HMRC                                                        140.00

Receipts                                                     None


KP to email asset values for Latimer to Clerk.

6.3 Half yearly financial statement Chairman expressed his thanks to Mr I Walter for preparing these. Clerk issued copies of external auditor’s report (Mazars LLP) to all.

6.4 Vacancy for Councillor Ms M Brazier is willing to join Latimer PC with effect from next meeting. Chairman expressed his thanks.

6.5 Code of Conduct Clerk to email Joanna Swift, CDC

6.6 Change of name Latimer PC passed the following resolution: ‘The Council resolves that the name of the Council changes from Latimer Parish Council to Latimer and Ley Hill Parish Council’. Proposed by RS, seconded by BP. All agreed.

6.7 CDC/S Bucks DC shared services Awaiting report from NB/AG

6.8 Invoice for bunting (NB later requested Clerk to forward emails to him)

6.9 Localism Steering Group JP reported on the Localism Steering Group. Questionnaire has been delivered within Ley Hill and Botley. Organisational structure then discussed. JP to consult BALC regarding setting up of sub committee. TBD on 26th November.


7.  Highways/Footpaths

7.1 VAS Latimer Road KP briefed all on ongoing situation

7.2 Velocity patcher/AOB Performance disappointing. Community gang around w/c 22 Oct and 26 Nov. Works on gullies and grips to be notified to Clerk.

Feedback questionnaire on LAT to be completed by Clerk (p1), KP (p2).

(8.35pm NB arrived).

(6.7 Shared services: All senior officers appointed now)

8.  Planning

8.1 CH/2012/1264/FA 7A The Grove Noted

8.2 CH/2012/1274/FA& 1275/HB Written in

8.3 CH/2012/1287/FA&1288/HB Noted

8.4 CH/2012/1301/FA 245 Botley Road Noted

8.5 CH/2012/1319/FA 1 Holly Tree Close LPC noted concern of neighbour

8.6 CH/2012/1383/FA Home Farm Noted

Merles Mead ref CH/2012/1296/FA noted but public comments closed

NB highlighted need to raise awareness of forthcoming vote on 15 Nov for Thames Valley Police Commissioner. He then left the meeting.

8.7 CH/2011/60006/BCC Meadhams Farm Brickworks BCC advised in Aug that Liaison Committee for Meadhams Farm will be established once confirmation received that legal agreement has been reached.

9.  Burial Ground

9.1 Mrs M Smith Agreed parishioner’s rates for interment of ashes

9.2 Storage hut N Lamond has kept KP/Clerk informed of excellent regular progress. Opening ceremony TBD at next meeting. Clerk to send letter of thanks to all involved at the end and to residents of Cowcroft for trimming hedge.

9.3 Deeds Two deeds for Mr R Fisher and Mr C Vincent signed.

9.4 Lawnmower New part required for mower. Quote received from Browns for £104.27 + VAT. Proposed by BP, seconded by JP. All agreed. Clerk to action.

10.  Reports and correspondence

10.1 CDC Liaison meeting 9 Aug All Town & Parish Chairmen invited to this meeting. KP briefed all present on discussions.

10.2 Local Police Forum 4 Sep Lots of thefts from local barns and sheds. Botley Road on speed gun list again.

11.  AOB

11.1 Autumn Ley Hill Litterblitz 13 Oct Quote for 10 litterpickers attained for £54.00. Proposed by JP, seconded by BP. Clerk to action.

11.2 Ley Hill Beer & Music Festival Thank you letters to be sent to publicans of The Swan and The Crown.

11.3 Streetlighting Light outside Blandford, Jasons Hill still out. Clerk to contact Kevin Allen, BCC regarding streetlighting.

12.  Date of next meeting:  Monday 26th November 2012 at Ley Hill Memorial Hall at 7.15pm. The meeting closed at 10.25pm.




** Following meetings to take place Mon 21 January & Wed 20 March, Ley Hill Memorial Hall at 7.15pm. Change due to clash with LAF on 23 Jan.