Meeting Dates 2017

All meetings to be held at Ley Hill Memorial Hall in the Rear Committee Room (unless specified otherwise)
Start time 7.15pm
Thu 12th January

Thu 2nd March

Thur 27th April

Annual Parish Meeting, 19:30, Ley Hill Methodist Chapel

Tue 2nd May
Annual Council Meeting, 18:45

Wed 14th June
19.15 St George’s Church, Tylers Hill

Thu 27th July
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Tue 12th September
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Wed 25th October

Wed 29th November

Minutes – 27/07/12


Minutes of a meeting of Latimer Parish Council held on Friday 27th July 2012 at St George’s Church Hall, Tylers Hill at 9.30am

 Present:  K Platt (Chairman) (KP), B Perrott (Vice-Chairman) (BP), R Sanders (RS), J Phillips (JP), C Lee (CL), J Hill (JH), R Walter (Clerk)(RW).

 The meeting was preceded by a tour of the Tylers Hill Burial Ground led by Mrs J Hill.

1.  Apologies for absence:  Cllr A Garth (AG). CCllr N Brown (NB)

2.  Public Quarter Hour:  No questions

4.  Any Change of Interests: None

5.  Minutes of 25th May meeting: Agreed and signed.

6.  Matters Arising Clerk to write to D Stowe regarding seat outside Mem Hall.

Annual membership renewal received from Open Spaces Society (£40). Proposed RS, seconded JP. Approved.

10. Burial Ground (taken next whilst JH present)

10.1 Storage hut and new notice board Noted and thanks expressed to all

10.2 Income (2) Cheque for £70 received on behalf of Mrs E Fisher (ashes interment 3/8/12). Cheque for £70 received as permit fee for Mr D Hodge memorial and design approved by RS/CL.

10.3 Wrought iron gates Clerk to request quotation from T Gillott to paint these.

(JH then left the meeting).

3.  Meeting with Jon Dickens, new LAT (taken next as JD arrived)

3.1 Report received from JD Botley Rd patching completed 26/7. Flaunden Bottom and Latimer Camp Rd will be in next 2 weeks, plus ‘The Whale’ (supersucker). Latimer Bridge gully, Letchfield surface, Grooms Farm gully, flooding outside Parkfield, BHL kerb clearance, and Joiners Close lamppost added to list.

(JD then left the meeting).

7.  Finance and Official Business:

7.1  Current/Deposit balances: Current £3674.34(29 6 12); Deposit £6999.77

7.2  Payments/Receipts:

DD Eon (May&June 12) 67.06+64.90
SO 11 Dec IT Services (May&June) 30.00 x 2
Beaumont Wood Supplies 366.05
T Gillott (notice board) 80.00
Shaws 23.82+65.90
Mrs J Hill (Apr-June) 175.00
Terry Gillott (Apr-June) 375.00
Open Spaces Society (ann mem) 40.00
Ley Hill Memorial Hall 300.00
HMRC VAT repayment 1218.51
Dignity (Mrs E Fisher) 70.00
Mr & Mrs Marshall (Mr D Hodge) 70.00

7.3 Council duties & attendance Chairman gave his reasons for allocating duties and responsibilities for all Councillors (see attached list). All Councillors to inform Clerk of any dates when away from home and to send their apologies if unable to attend a meeting.

7.4 Vacancy for Councillor Mentioned in News & Views. Clerk to place poster in notice boards, pubs and local clubs.

7.5 Dates for next meetings Mon 1 October, Mon 26 November

7.6 Code of conduct & Register of MDPI Joanna Swift, CDC Interim Monitoring Officer, is preparing a ‘parish council-friendly version’. Meanwhile, a new Standing Order must be included about leaving a meeting. Once accepted, LPC must publish the adoption of the new code on boards and website.

Register of MDPI COUNCILLORS KP/BP/RS/LS to all complete this register by 1st August and forward electronically to Clerk.

7.7 Declaration of Acceptance (SI 1465) Only new councillors must sign this. Existing councillors must after next election.

7.8 Change of name to Latimer & Ley Hill PC Chairman explained that Council will need to pass formal resolution requesting change. Chairman to consult Richard Harris of CDC re wording of that resolution and how to pass on the request to CDC. Need to ensure AG and NB are in agreement. Council to publish public notices via boards, website, newsletters etc of its intentions, allowing suitable time for comments, to demonstrate support for the suggested change.

7.9 Chenies/Latimer proposal Chairman to brief Latimer ward residents.

7.10 Localism Steering Group JP reported on the Localism Steering Group, which met last week (PF/DS/NB/JP/NL)+AGsometimes. Next step will be a further consultation in N&V for all recipients to respond to. Printing quote received. KP proposed up to £200 to be spent, seconded by RS. All agreed.

8.  Highways and Footpaths

8.1 Trim trail Problems encountered regarding insurance. Pending.

9.  Planning

9.1 Bovingdon Airfield Ongoing

9.2 CH/2012/0832/FA Woodside House KP to speak with P Francis regarding speed limits. BP to notify Parkfield residents

9.3 CH/2012/0882/FA 2 Farm Cottages Noted

9.4 CH/2012/0928/FA Tall Firs Noted

9.5 CH/2012/0951/FA 245 Botley Rd Noted

9.6 CH/2012/0996/HB Latimer House Noted

11.  Reports and correspondence

11.1 NAG 31 May Renamed ‘Police Liaison Group’

11.2 LAF 11 July Report received from Chairman

11.3 Localisation of Council Tax support Clerk briefed all following Clerks’ Liaison Meeting 9 7 12


11.5 Autumn Litterblitz 13 Oct Clerk to attain quote for 10 more litterpickers

12.   AOB + Clerk’s report Email received from Kevin Allen, BCC regarding streetlighting. Clerk to seek clarification from Mr Allen. Letter received from Mrs M Bennett regarding after school club at Ley Hill School. Clerk to respond.

13.  Date of next meeting:  Monday 1st October 2012 at Latimer Parish Hall at 7.15pm. The meeting closed at 1.05pm.

(Following meeting to take place Monday 26 November, Ley Hill Memorial Hall at 7.15pm).










List of Councillors asset register duties and areas of responsibility as at 27 July 2012


Asset Register (as agreed at Annual Council Meeting 16 5 11):

Latimer Village

  1. Notice board on village green
  2. Public seat on village green
  3. Telephone box
  4. Gazebo in the Square


All responsibility of Chairman, KP

Ley Hill

  1. Burial Ground                                                                                      RS/CL
  2. Storage hut in burial ground                                                                RS/CL
  3. Notice board in burial ground                                                              RS/CL
  4. Notice board outside Memorial Hall                                                   JP
  5. Notice board outside Botley Stores                                                    JP
  6. Bus Shelter at junc of Jasons Hill/Rushmere Lane                            LS
  7. 21 Street lights                                                                                    L&T (RS)*
  8. Beacon on Common                                                                          RS
  9. Bench outside Memorial Hall                                                              JP**


* Maintenance of 21 Street lights is undertaken by Lamps & Tubes, reporting to RS

** Ownership of bench uncertain. Clerk corresponding with D Stowe.


Parish areas of responsibility (as agreed at meeting 27 7 12):



Latimer Village                                                                                                KP

Parkfield                                                                                                          BP

Ley Hill:

Botley Road (+side roads from Broomstick Lane up to Beacon)                  JP

Jasons Hill & Rushmere Lane                                                                        LS

Ley Hill Common (from Beacon to Codmore Wood Road)                           RS

Kiln Lane + side roads                                                                                    CL