Meeting Dates 2017

All meetings to be held at Ley Hill Memorial Hall in the Rear Committee Room (unless specified otherwise)
Start time 7.15pm
Thu 12th January

Thu 2nd March

Thur 27th April

Annual Parish Meeting, 19:30, Ley Hill Methodist Chapel

Tue 2nd May
Annual Council Meeting, 18:45

Wed 14th June
19.15 St George’s Church, Tylers Hill

Thu 27th July
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Tue 12th September
Latimer Parish Hall, Latimer

Wed 25th October

Wed 29th November

Minutes – 29/03/10


Minutes of a meeting of Latimer Parish Council held on Monday 29th March 2010 at Ley Hill Memorial Hall at 7.15pm.

Present G Sussum (Chairman)(GS), B Perrott (Vice Chairman)(BP), R Sanders (RS),C Lee (CL), K Platt (KP), R Walter (Clerk)(RW)

Apologies for absence T Silverstone (TS), L Sunderland (LS)

In attendance Sally Kendall, Jenny Phillips. The Chairman welcomed them both, and hoped that J Phillips may consider replacing Mrs Silverstone in due course.

Minutes of the previous meeting Delete ‘and’ under Presentation, so it reads ‘Priorities identified were roads.’ Rest agreed and signed.

Declarations of interest Chairman is a member of CDC and Latimer PCC

Questions from the public None

Matters arising

  1. LHCC D Stowe (DS) and R Carr met on site 12 3 10. Matter rests with them.
  2. Jasons Hill (Tree surgery) Local Councillors to monitor and check it is done.
  3. LPC Website Clerk and RS met with Sally Kendall 3.3.10. This resulted in a mock up prepared by S Kendall, which all Councillors have been asked to review. A few suggestions were made and noted. KP proposed that quote from 11 December IT Services be accepted, seconded by RS. All agreed. S Kendall to progress in liaison with Clerk and Councillors. Mrs Kendall then stayed for the duration of the meeting.
  4. LAF Next meeting is 23 June.
  5. NAG  Next meeting is 4 May, Bellingdon Village Hall and 29 June, Latimer Mews.
  6. Latimer Phone Box Opinions have been sought by KP.
  7. Tylers Hill salt bin Placed on site by M Barber on 4 3 10.
  8. Posts outside Shenley Cottage DS looking into this, but posts may be left. RS asked that he write to owners of Shenley Cottage. Greencroft – DS to action. Terra Firma – passed to enforcers.
  9. Notices on Ley Hill Common New notices will be replaced in 7-14 days. DS undertook annual walk around on 17 3 10. RS reported that large trees have been felled on the 5th fairway.

Mr Sussum then left the meeting and Mrs Perrott took the Chair.


1. BCC

i)  Green Lane, Ley Hill – Prohibition of Motor Vehicles comes into effect on 31 3 10

ii) SLR – order dated 17 3 10. Comes into effect on 17 5 10. Clerk to consult Pat Francis re road signs for Kiln Lane, Holly Tree Close and Letchfield.

Mr Noel Brown arrived (BCC and CDC Councillor).

  1. CDC  

i) Off Street Parking Amendment Order 2010 noted. East St changes from short to long stay.

ii) Draft Core Strategy – NB urged all Councillors to respond to this

 3. Bucks Assoc of Local Councils (BALC)

i) Annual membership fee for 2010-11 is £156.15. Proposed by RS, seconded by CL. All


4. General 

i) St Mary Magdalene, Latimer PCC appeal for funding for churchyard maintenance. RS proposed £650.00, seconded by KP. All agreed.

ii) Veolia Water Central Ltd – water supply to burial ground 1 4 10 – 31 3 11 £61.48. Proposed by KP, seconded by BP. All agreed

iii) Audit – papers received from Mazars LLP. BP to ask Roger Martin if he would kindly act as Internal Auditor once again. RS proposed payment of £50 to Mr Martin, seconded by KP. All agreed.

iii) Publications received: Open Space Spring 2010; Clerks & Councils Direct March 10; LCR Spring 10; In Focus Spring 10; Chilterns Woodland Project Spring 10.


Burial Ground

  1. Mr Brian Moore has a forthcoming hospital visit and is unable to maintain the burial ground throughout April and May. Clerk has obtained a quote from Terry Gillott of £15 per hour. Councillors asked Clerk to obtain an estimate with a maximum expenditure given.
  2. Mrs Hill has drafted the Terms and Conditions. Mrs M Long has also made some suggestions to these. RS proposed these are accepted, along with Mrs Long’s comments. Seconded by CL. All agreed.
  3. Two deeds for Cannon and Kempner were signed.
  4. Two memorial inscriptions for Dennis Taylor and Crowley (Jackson) were approved and signed by RS.
  5. Cheque received from Mr D Kempner for £106.00 (£70 ashes plot purchase + £36 interment of ashes for Mrs V Kempner)
  6. Two quotes for repair to Burials Register have been received. RS proposed acceptance of quote from Amanda Slope for £35.00, seconded by BP. All agreed and thanked Mrs Hill for her work in obtaining these.
  7. Clerk awaiting quote from P Empson to cut back tree in Burial Ground overhanging Tylers Hill Road, as lorries delivering to salt bin cannot pass.

Planning Matters

  1. CH/2010/0349/FA Eastlyn, Rushmere Lane
  2. CH/2010/0256/UA Hockley Farm
  3. CH/2010/0341/FA Burners Cottage, Kiln Lane
  4. CH/2010/0109/FA Primrose & Cherry Cottage (demolition + replacement)
  5. CH/2009/1394/FA Blackwell Hall & Blackwell Hall House – to appeal

21:34 NB left the meeting


  1. D/D Eon: (Feb 10) 62.66+3.13VAT=£65.79
  2. BALC membership fee £156.16
  3. Veolia Water Central Ltd £61.48
  4. (Jan-March 10)  B Moore maintenance of burial ground £140.00
  5. (Jan-March 10)  J Hill admin of burial ground £175.00
  6. (Jan-March 10)  Clerk’s fee £350.00
  7. Clerk’s expenses (postage) £10.80
  8. £150 annual allowance 2009/10 for Chairman (proposed by RS, seconded by BP)
  9. Donation to Latimer PCC £650.00


(Annual Council Meeting first)

Any Other Business

  1. Clerk asked meeting to discuss the Chairman’s annual allowance. KP proposed £150, seconded by BP. Unanimous agreement.
  2. Clerk to pass details of all street lamps to Eon
  3. RS unable to attend May meeting

The meeting closed at 9.55pm